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News | Oct 03 2017

Second Edition of The Wine Region of Rioja Hits Bookstore Shelves

Ana Fabiano, a Rioja expert, offers an up-close look at the region’s wines, food, culture, landscapes and history


Rioja fans will be pleased to hear that the second edition of a very special book recently hit bookstore shelves. Specifically, The Wine Region of Rioja, considered the most comprehensive resource on the region, is now available to Spanish wine fans and anyone looking to expand their understanding of one of Spain’s most important winemaking zones.

The author, expert Ana Fabiano, provides “a fascinating insider’s perspective to a magical place.” This new edition, “an extraordinary book and groundbreaking addition to wine literature,” offers a close-up look at Rioja’s wineries, both old and new, and the families of winemakers behind them. It provides additional information about wines and grape varietals, offers a look at some of the region’s new and old wineries (whose products are available in the US), and explains in detail the various classifications (cosecha, crianza, reserva, etc.). Readers will also learn all about Rioja’s cuisine, architecture, culture, people, history and geography.

Described as “a love letter to the region” and clearly the result of years of research, Fabiano, who has dedicated her life to researching food and wines from Spain, offers an incredible overview of an incredible place in the latest edition of her book.  



Considered the official tome on Rioja and its wines, Fabiano’s book is, in essence, a “love letter to the region” Samara Kamenecka/@ICEX
The Wine Region of Rioja book by Ana Fabiano

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