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News | Oct 09 2017

Gin Mare Teams Up with Ramón Freixa

Gin Mare, the self-proclaimed "Mediterranean Gin", and two-Michelin starred Spanish chef Ramón Freixa have come together in a new and delectable partnership.


This initiative consists of a culinary creation invented by the chef to accompany a bottle of Gin Mare in an original and special gift pack that will be available for the winter holidays.

This gastronomic pairing consists of a Chocolate and Arbequina olive oil cream with rosemary essence, which, together with the botanicals used to make the gin, will reflect the flavors and aromas of the Spanish Mediterranean region.

In addition to the bottle of gin and the glass jar of chocolate cream, the pack will contain three exclusive, detailed recipes created by Freixa to accompany this spirit: Porras sandwich with banana, chocolate and olive salt"; "Golden foie gras Ferrero"; and "Bread crumbs with oil caviar painted with chocolate and rosemary flower". Additionally, the pack will include the recipes for two singular, specially-created cocktails: Tu media Naranja and Eivissa, designed to pair with the aforementioned culinary creations.
In the words of Ramón Freixa: "Christmas is a time of year for sharing and experiencing things with others. In many cases, the kitchen becomes the heart of these reunions. Combining the flavors of the Mediterranean and making them available to people to be enjoyed with their families during this time of year has been very gratifying."

Flavors of the Mediterranean ensue Adrienne Smith/@ICEX
in Mare and two-Michelin starred Spanish chef Ramón Freixa

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