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News | Oct 06 2017

Spanish Wine Exports to Asia, Latin America and Africa, On The Rise

From Ivory Coast to Brazil to China, consumers in every corner of the world are developing a taste for Spanish wines


Spanish wine exports are performing extremely well, according to recent data from the Spanish Wine Market Observatory.

Exports of wine to Asia increased by more than 30% between June 2016 and 2017, with sales totaling an impressive 190 million liters. The region accounted for around 8% of total wine exports from Spain and slightly more than 11% of the revenues obtained. While China was the indisputable leader, accounting for 70% of the total volume, other countries—such as Vietnam, Israel, and Taiwan—also showed their clear penchant for Spanish wine.

Latin America has proven to be an especially interesting market, and exports there performed even better, growing by 37% in volume and around 18% in value. The top 12 countries there increased their investment in Spanish wine, with Mexico and Brazil standing out in particular.

As for Africa, exports of Spanish wines to the continent improved, but only slightly, increasing by 1.6% in terms of value and 0.6% in volume. Sales were, for the most part, stable, and exports to the Ivory Coast rose by 23.5% in terms of value. Exports in Togo and Algeria also performed well, although declines were registered in Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria.

Spanish PDO wines and sparkling wines are especially popular in Asia and Latin America Samara Kamenecka/@ICEX
Spanish wine exports are performing extremely well

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