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News | Jul 12 2017

UK Consumers Very “Receptive” to Spanish Wines and Sherries.

The popularity of Spanish gastronomy has also played a role in people’s interest, according to the winery.



The UK remains a key market for Spanish wines as consumers are extremely receptive, according to González Byass. In fact, the company is “committed to the innovative UK market as its portfolio continues to expand,” as noted in a recent article in harpers.co.uk. The company now offers wines from a range of regions, including La Mancha, Rioja, Somontano and Rueda, among others. It has moved on from its sherry roots to include other types of DOs, wines and wine styles.

Says the company, “The Spanish wine business is changing very much, there is a taste of everything and a lot of evolution, people are looking forward, able to express more about their wines and are more aware of quality. There is a big movement back to terroir, the classic DOs are moving towards this, such as Rioja, but the smaller DOs, which can be much more flexible, have already done this, so it is a very good time to be investing in Spanish wines.”

The UK remains a key market and one that is “increasingly open” to Spanish wines in general. Sherry is also quite popular there, and demand for premium sherries is on the rise. González Byass also believes the popularity and quality of Spanish gastronomy has helped boost interest in Spanish wines.

González Byass is expanding its portfolio and catering to people’s interest in different styles of wine. Samara Kamenecka/@ICEX

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