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News | Jul 10 2017

DO Bierzo Wines Get New Classifications

The regulatory board of Denomination of Origin Bierzo has announced the approval of new labels for its wines that will recognize new classifications based on specific geographic characteristics.


These new categories were created in light of the fact that within the Denomination of Origin Bierzo, there are significant differences between some areas and others in terms of things like soil types, special climate conditions, vineyard age, location, etc. Therefore, they will be used to designate smaller geographic areas within the region as a whole.

The new categories are the following: Vino de Villa wines must be 100% made from grapes grown in the particular town or district in question, and yield must be at least 20% below the maximum stipulated by DO Bierzo. The grapes used to make Vino de Paraje wines must be exclusively from a single place – recognized by the DO's Regulatory Board – and yield must be 25% below the stipulated minimum. Vino de Viña Clasificada wines are made 100% from grapes that must come from a single vineyard or adjoining vineyards that have been recognized by the Denomination of Origin, and they must be least five years old with a verified quality and a yield at 30% below the maximum. Finally, Gran Vino de Viña Clasificada wines only vary from the previous category in that the originating vineyard(s) must be at least ten years old, and have a yield at 35% below the maximum.


New labels designate special origins and traits.

Adrienne Smith/@ICEX

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