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News | Jul 07 2017

Galician Wines Take Hamburg by Storm

Germany is one of the DO’s main export destinations, and the Regulatory Council is wholeheartedly committed to internationalization


An event held in parallel with the Spanish Wine Fair in Hamburg on June 28th saw Galician wines steal the spotlight. German restaurant Parlament held a special tasting involving 10 DO Ribeiro wines. It was led by David Schwarzwälder, an expert in Spanish wines, and it catered to trade professionals and the German press.

This activity, which was jointly organized by Spain’s Economic and Commercial Office in Dusseldorf and ICEX, was entitled “Galician Terroir, DO Ribeiro Wines” and was a resounding success. There were a large number of participants and the wines received lots of praise in recognition of their quality and authenticity. 

Participating wines included Beade Primacía (Señorío de Beade), Alter (Priorato de Razamonde), Finca Viñoa (Pazo Casanova), Lonxe (Adega Eloi Lorenzo), Colección 68 (Viña Costeira), and Cunqueiro III Milenium (Bodegas Cunqueiro).

The DO’s Regulatory Council is committed to internationalization and recognizes the importance of gaining a foothold in foreign markets to obtain new business opportunities. Germany is important for Ribeiro wines as it’s one of the DO’s primary export destinations.


A special tasting, held in parallel with the Spanish Wine Fair, allowed trade professionals to sample DO Ribeiro winesSpanish Wines and BBQ Go Hand in Hand

DORIbeiro/ Xurxo Lobato

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