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News | Jun 29 2017

Javier de las Muelas Unveils New Cocktails

Acclaimed Spanish cocktail master Javier de las Muelas has presented his new selection of signature cocktails for Hall0, the cocktail bar located in Barcelona's Monument Hotel 5GL.


"Classic Martinis", "Signature & Exocentric Cocktails" and "Mocktails" are the three categories of cocktails created by this world-famous Spanish mixologist for the new drinks menu at Hall0 cocktail bar in Barcelona.

Featuring exciting ingredients like mandarin orange syrup, litchi puree and a Darjeeling tea base for non-alcoholic combinations, these cocktails are as exotic as they are stunningly presented: in a "crystal ball", a metal mug, a ceramic bowl, or like an exquisite perfume inside a glass box.

The inspiration for the cocktails is Mediterranean, with a touch of levity and enchantment. These cocktails were also created to go hand in hand with the establishment's casual dining menu, created by famed Spanish chef MartĂ­n Berasategui.



Hall0 Cocktail Bar Debuts Signature Combinations

Adrienne Smith/@ICEX

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