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News | Jun 27 2017

Foods & Wines from Spain Stores on Amazon Now Live in Germany, the UK and Spain

The three stores on Amazon now offer an enormous selection of over 1,500 Spanish products from more than 170 brands


Spanish food and wine brands in the know have taken a major leap forward, thanks to an alliance between ICEX and e-commerce giant Amazon.

A new online store within Amazon called Foods & Wines from Spain is now live on the sites in Germany (amazon.de), the UK (amazon.co.uk) and Spain (amazon.es), with the result that consumers can purchase more than 1,500 products from over 170 different Spanish brands. This includes everything from cavas and Ibérico products to wines, canned fish and olive oil from some of Spain’s most prestigious and well-known brands.

This is an incredible opportunity for food SMEs and wineries to get their products seen by an international audience, and the selection is expected to expand over time. Companies will see their exports increase and consumers will have access to a plethora of quality Spanish products they might not have been able to purchase otherwise. This is the first time that a publish Spanish entity has worked with Amazon with a view to raising the profile of food and wine from Spain abroad.



From cava to olive oil and Ibérico ham, consumers now have access to a wide range of top-notch products
Samara Kamenecka/@ICEX

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