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News | Jan 07 2016

Former Gastronomy Training Program Student Shares his Expert Opinion on Spanish Wine

Kikuchi shared his opinion about Clos Mogador wine on the winery’s website. 


The participants in ICEX’s Spanish Gastronomy Training Program are generally strongly impacted by their experience in Spain, and many act as ambassadors for Spanish food and beverages.

Program graduate Takayuki Kikuchi published his impressions of Clos Mogador wine on the winery’s website in a special article. Kikuchi participated in ICEX’s very first training program and has been a sommelier at Carme Ruscalleda’s restaurant Sant Pau, in Tokyo, for several years now, a post he held while taking part in the program.

In his text, he reviews Clos Mogador wine, which has been included on the restaurant’s wine list for years. He shares his experience tasting the 2013 vintage, which had a lasting effect on him. He includes extensive tasting notes, describing it as a complex garnet-colored wine with purple undertones and fragrant aromas such as violets, blackberries and espresso. It has smooth, silky tannins and elegant acidity and initially has a “masculine strength” which evolves into “feminine sensuality”. In short, it is a unique wine that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who drinks it.

He also highlights the vineyards, which he visited in 2013. Unlike the rest of Priorat, which is characterized by slatey soils and steep hillsides, the winery’s land boasts trees and flowers, which he describes as a reflection of the owner’s commitment to producing wine without using chemical products.

Kikuchi ends his review by confirming that Clos Mogador wines will remain on the restaurant’s wine list for many years to come.

Takayuki Kikuchi participated in the first edition of ICEX’s program and is sommelier at Sant Pau in Tokyo
Samara Kamenecka/©ICEX

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